Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 Gardening Greener Tips: Recycle and Save Money!

The Tutubuddy kitten, Sonya, loves gardening!

Fluffiefriends and Tutubuddies like to reuse what they have rather than throwing it away. This helps keep them from wasting and helps save money! 

These are some ways Sonya reuses things around the house for her garden!

1. Plant winter, inside vegetables in soup cans.
Place small rocks in the bottom of the can- this keeps the peas/tomatoes/lettuce/other veggies from drowning.
Put in soil.
2. Make plant water trays from used milk cartons
3. Make plant water trays from used soda bottles
4. Ever have tough to remove food on your dishes or pots and you have to let them soak before cleaning? Instead of emptying the water down the drain- water your plants with them. It gives the plants nutrients and saves water! Sonya doesn't have any place to compost- so this is the next-best thing and is great for anyone living in an apartment with a balcony and no yard!

5. Need a watering can? Want to save money and the environment? Reuse old milk jugs- it's perfect because it fits a lot of water and has a handle already! Plus you don't have to make an extra run to the store or pay more money. 

Happy gardening!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Fluffiefriend Mindy Goes to Ohio State Fair

Mindy, the Fluffiefriend Pony, went to the Ohio State Fair.
“How was it?” Chirped Bud.

“It was HUGE!” Whinnied Mindy, “It’s 2 ½ weeks long!  It’s one of the largest fairs in the US! And it was so much fun!”

“What did you do there?” Asked Billy the bunny.

There are so many rides there! Even a bull or a helicopter! 

And the weinermobile- Yum! 

There was the largest moving candy store in the world there! 

There was so much candy! It was delicious! 

But some of it was scary. 

I even got some candied ginger for our amazing gingersnaps.

The fair was so huge that there was a chairlift so you could see the entire fair from the air! 

The view was fantastic! 

I felt like a Pegasus flying through the air. 

I found a place that deep fries EVERYTHING. I didn’t know you could deep fry a s’more! 

I ate a deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

There were some men doing amazing acrobats! 

Then I went to the garden section. I saw a talk about Red Tailed Hawks. 

I went to a butterfly house There were pretty flowers and so many butterflies. 

I saw a water wheel. 

And an eagle! 

I saw animal shows. 

There was a baby calf only 8 hours old! 

And a cow about to be a mommy. 
My husband comforting the new mother.

There were horses, and a carousel, and a giant slide! 

Mindy the pony Fluffiefriend and me on the giant slide.

There were so many flowers. 

And so much food.

I was eating an Italian sausage for lunch 

when the guys next to me suddenly started playing music!

I walked and walked and walked, but I only saw about 1/3 of it! It was so big and fun!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Sunflower Season!

There were so many sunflowers at the Webster Street Market last week that Petunia, the Tutubuddy pig decided to make Sunflower Hair Wreaths! Come visit her and see them tomorrow at the Webster Street Market in downtown Dayton or order one online! http://www.etsy.com/shop/Violetssilverlining

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Snowy's Simply Delicious Fried Chicken

Snowy makes extremely flavorful, crispy, fried chicken. (Yes, owls eat chicken- google it ;))
* Chicken
* Marinade (your choice- BBQ, Korean BBQ, Italian dressing, ranch, steak sauce- pretty much anything you have available in your fridge at the time.)
* 2 Eggs
* Flour
* Salt
* Pepper (any other spices you may like too- garlic powder, curry powder, chilli powder, ect.)
* Breading or French Fried Onions (Chips work too- crush some Fritos, Doritos, or tortilla chips.)
* Freeze dried chives

Preparing Chicken:
1. Cut off fat- save for soup! Cheap Tasty Soup Base
2. Leave chicken as is or cut into strips or nuggets- whatever you like. Snowy likes the strips best because you can eat them with your hands and don't have to worry about the breading falling off as you cut the chicken.)
3. Place chicken in marinade.

4. Let it marinade overnight.

Cooking Chicken:
1. Pour a thin layer of oil in a pan (Snowy uses canola- but vegetable or olive will work too.)
2. Break 2 eggs in a bowl. Add a little bit of the marinade to the eggs and mix it together.
3. Pour flower, salt, pepper, and powders in another bowl and mix.
4. Pour bread crumbs/French fried onions/chips in another bowl with freeze dried chives. This time Snowy did half with bread crumbs and half with French fried onions. Delicious!
5. Dip chicken in egg mixture. Wipe off excess egg.
6. Dip chicken in flour mixture.
7. Dip chicken in egg mixture again. Wipe off excess egg.
8. Dip chicken in bread crumb mixture.
9. Let the chicken sit for 5-10 minutes. This lets the bread crumbs settle and stay on the chicken better. Snowy takes this time to clean the bowls (keep the marinade) and any spills so there aren't as many germs around!

10. Turn on the stove to get the oil hot. Place a bread crumb in the oil to check if its ready for the chicken. The breading will turn brown and bubble in the oil.
11. Place chicken in the oil.
12. While chicken is frying boil the marinade in a pot. 5 minutes of a rolling boil should kill all the germs- but Snowy boils it for 10, just in case. The marinade now becomes a dipping sauce!

13. When you can see that the breadcrumbs are browned half-way up the chicken, turn the chicken over. 

14. Once chicken is finished cooking place it on a plate lined with paper towels. Put a paper towel over the chicken. This will help get rid of some of the extra grease.
15. Now eat! Yuuuuuummy! It's a delicious, satisfying meal!

Extra ideas: Fluffiefriends and Tutubuddies don't like to waste- especially food! So to save some $ and help reduce waste, here's some things they do. 

Use some of the grease left to make Rice-A-Roni. Just use little bit of the oil you fried the chicken in to brown the Rice-A-Roni instead of butter. Just really be careful- ONLY A LITTLE oil! Just enough to barely coat all the rice and noodles, because once the rice is browned you add water- and if you have too much grease it will create a fire, as Mythbusters showed 

You can also use both the unused grease to make some fried rice! You can also use the extra marinade to flavor the fried rice! There probably won't be any eggs left, but if there is, that also goes into the fried rice. :) 

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