Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 Gardening Greener Tips: Recycle and Save Money!

The Tutubuddy kitten, Sonya, loves gardening!

Fluffiefriends and Tutubuddies like to reuse what they have rather than throwing it away. This helps keep them from wasting and helps save money! 

These are some ways Sonya reuses things around the house for her garden!

1. Plant winter, inside vegetables in soup cans.
Place small rocks in the bottom of the can- this keeps the peas/tomatoes/lettuce/other veggies from drowning.
Put in soil.
2. Make plant water trays from used milk cartons
3. Make plant water trays from used soda bottles
4. Ever have tough to remove food on your dishes or pots and you have to let them soak before cleaning? Instead of emptying the water down the drain- water your plants with them. It gives the plants nutrients and saves water! Sonya doesn't have any place to compost- so this is the next-best thing and is great for anyone living in an apartment with a balcony and no yard!

5. Need a watering can? Want to save money and the environment? Reuse old milk jugs- it's perfect because it fits a lot of water and has a handle already! Plus you don't have to make an extra run to the store or pay more money. 

Happy gardening!

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