Monday, July 16, 2012

Bacon Stuffed Steak Recipe

Love steak? Love bacon? Love delicious bacon-flavored steak? Last week I was experimenting and made an amazing stuffed steak that tastes like bacon! :) It is so amazing and mouth-watering.


For marinade: 
1 cup garlic rice vinegar (this makes it taste amazing, but plain vinegar will do too)
1 cup olive oil
5 tablespoons of worcestershire sauce
2 teaspoons of liquid smoke
1 tablespoon salt

For stuffing:
1/2 red onion
1 pack of pre-cooked bacon
2 tablespoons of canned basil (fresh would be better, but mine hasn't grown yet.)


Toothpicks or string  (optional)

I did this with 8 medium and small steaks (manager's special. :))

Preparing Steak:

Leave the steaks in the fridge to age- you'll know they've aged when they turn brown. Don't leave them in for too long- don't want anyone sick! This really does add to the flavor for this recipe. I normally am not a huge fan of aged steak, but it was really good.

Take out the steaks and trim the fat- reuse in a Tasty Soup Base. Cut the steaks open a little- making a slit. The steak will look like a little purse. Mix all the ingredients for the marinade and place the steaks in it. Leave in fridge to marinade over night.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Preparing Stuffing:
Cut up the red onion and basil. I used a little food processor to help out.
Take the entire box of precooked bacon and fry it up in a frying pan.
When its nice and crispy, mash it up with a spoon. DO NOT clean the pan or pour out the grease!
Add bacon bits to the red onion and basil mix.

Take out the steaks and sear them in the bacon grease. (Turn the stove on high and brown/slightly blacken each side of steak.)

Stuff the steaks with the stuffing and place in a baking pan.
I didn't use anything to keep the steaks closed and it turned out fine- but if you want to be sure, tie them up with string or stick the ends close with toothpicks.

Pour the marinade over the steaks. Sprinkle with pepper. Cover with tin foil.

Place in over and cook to taste. Warning: eating raw or undercooked meat can make you sick- so be careful.


I put green beans on the side (great with steak) along with a white wine and chicken risotto with mushrooms (one of my favorite sides- especially with steak.)
Here's how to cook risotto (I add mushrooms and don't add cheese.)

Have leftovers? Or want a little variety? Here's some tasty ideas:
Slice up the stuffed steak into thin strips and crack 2 eggs over it and fry.
Slice up the stuffed steak into thin strips and place on tortilla. Add lettuce and sour cream (if you can get your hands on it- get the sour cream with chives- it's so amazing- I never ate sour cream, but I crave the sour cream with chives, however, I've only seen it sold at Kroger.) This makes a tasty wrap! Pita bread is also great for this. :)
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