Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cheap Tasty Soup Base

This is a very inexpensive way to make soup- it does take longer than from the can, but it tastes better.


Save fat and bones you've cut off of the meat.

Put a little bit of olive oil in the bottom of a pan. Heat the oil to a high temperature. Place meat on briefly- it should be just enough to sear the outside of the fat, without cooking it through.

You don't need to use immediately- the freezer always has a pack of frozen chicken, pork, and beef fat for any time we want soup.

Pot Version (takes about an hour and is ready instantly as broth):

When you want to make the soup put water in a pot and place fat and bones in water. Add any desired spices and salt. Cook on medium-low heat for 2 or 3 hours. Do not let the water come to a boil. Do not add other ingredients yet.

Remove fat and bones with a spoon.
Make sure you get all the bones out!

Now bring the soup to a boil for 5 minutes- just to make sure there are no nasty germs left.

Slow Cooker Version (makes stock- not broth. Takes all night or all day, but is good for making large batches to freeze and use later):

Place fat, bones, and water in crock pot. Turn on high. Leave too cook all night (while asleep) or all day (while at work.) When finished strain soup. (I use an old pocket from a pair of jeans my husband had to throw away- it works great!) When you use the stock make sure you add water.

Add any ingredients you want- potato, meatballs, meat, vegetables, noodles, rice, beans, ect.

Some people would be ok with leaving the fat in the soup- we don't like the consistency of it. To get even more use out of it you can feed it to your pets- just make sure you don't give dogs bird bones- it's not safe!

The best part about this recipe is that you're using every piece of meat 3 times- when you first  your steak, pork, or chicken, then using the fat and bones you couldn't use in the meal for soup, then feeding your pets too!

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