Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chocolate Cake with Caramel- Cookie Dough Icing

I made this about a year ago and it was a HUGE hit!

Use this chocolate cake recipe as a base:

Now for the icing!

I used my Russian mother-in-law's recipe for caramel:


1 can condensed milk.
Ingredients for Cookie Dough


Put can of condensed milk in a pot and cover it with water. Make sure it covers the top of the can.
Heat the pot to the point where it is ALMOST boiling, not quite boiling. Turn off heat.
IMPORTANT: leave the can for at least 2 hours. The can is under a lot of pressure. Make sure it cools down before you open it or it will explode.
Mix caramel with the cookie dough- recipe is below.

Cookie dough recipe from Cupcake Project

Mix the cookie dough and the caramel together in a bowl.
Spread over moist chocolate cake.

Shortcut Section 

Buy box cake, can of caramel, and cookie dough in the fridge section. Make box of cake. Let cookie dough out to room temperature then mix with caramel and spread on top. Note: I was told once that the cookie dough is made with safe eggs, however, it does have a warning on the container warning you not to eat it raw... I've done it plenty and am fine, but if you want to be careful...

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