Monday, July 30, 2012

Fluffiefriend Mindy Goes to Ohio State Fair

Mindy, the Fluffiefriend Pony, went to the Ohio State Fair.
“How was it?” Chirped Bud.

“It was HUGE!” Whinnied Mindy, “It’s 2 ½ weeks long!  It’s one of the largest fairs in the US! And it was so much fun!”

“What did you do there?” Asked Billy the bunny.

There are so many rides there! Even a bull or a helicopter! 

And the weinermobile- Yum! 

There was the largest moving candy store in the world there! 

There was so much candy! It was delicious! 

But some of it was scary. 

I even got some candied ginger for our amazing gingersnaps.

The fair was so huge that there was a chairlift so you could see the entire fair from the air! 

The view was fantastic! 

I felt like a Pegasus flying through the air. 

I found a place that deep fries EVERYTHING. I didn’t know you could deep fry a s’more! 

I ate a deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

There were some men doing amazing acrobats! 

Then I went to the garden section. I saw a talk about Red Tailed Hawks. 

I went to a butterfly house There were pretty flowers and so many butterflies. 

I saw a water wheel. 

And an eagle! 

I saw animal shows. 

There was a baby calf only 8 hours old! 

And a cow about to be a mommy. 
My husband comforting the new mother.

There were horses, and a carousel, and a giant slide! 

Mindy the pony Fluffiefriend and me on the giant slide.

There were so many flowers. 

And so much food.

I was eating an Italian sausage for lunch 

when the guys next to me suddenly started playing music!

I walked and walked and walked, but I only saw about 1/3 of it! It was so big and fun!

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