Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fluffiefriends and Tutubuddies Prepare for Market!

Sonya The Kitten, Snowy the owl, Bud the bird, Casey The Dog, and Mindie The Pony decided to go to the market.
“Horah! It’ll be so much fun!”  Chirped Bud the bird.
“What a hoooot!” Agreed Snowy the owl.
“Let’s make Flower Wreaths to sell!” Suggested Casey the dog.
“Good idea!” Said Snowy the owl, “All in favor say ‘aye!’”
“Neigh.” Said Mindie the pony.

So Sonya, Snowy, Bud, Casey, and Mindy went to gather flowers for the halos. 

“These puuuuurrrrrppplllleeee flowerrrrs are perrrrrrfect,” said Sonya.

“I like the yellow flowers,” said Snowy.

“And the pink ones!” Exclaimed Mindy. 

“Mindy!” Chided Bud, “Stop eating all the flowers!”

“Sorry.” Snorted Mindy.

Casey, Bud, Sonya, and Snowy gathered all kinds of flowers. They gathered purple flowers.

They gathered pink flowers. 

They gathered yellow flowers. 

Mindy ate a little bit of each.

The Fluffiefriends and Tutubuddies returned home to make the flowers into hairbands. 

“Stop eating the hairbands, Mindy!” Snapped Snowy.

“These look beautiful!” Barked Casey.

“They will be beautiful at the market.” Agreed Snowy.

“They look delicious!” Whinnied Mindy.

“Don’t eat!” Everyone shouted at once.

“I want to take my Russian Princess Crowns too!”  Purred Sonya.

“How will we carry them?” Asked Mindy.
“Why, on our heads!” Giggled Sonya. 

Thank you Olga, for the brilliant ideas and help!
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