Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet and Salty Cupcakes

I recently went on a cupcake tour of New York City with a close friend. I came across and tried a sweet and salty cupcake. It was tasty, but I figured I could come up with some improvements. So here's my shot at it.

Note: This is an unusual cupcake- know your audience before making them for while they are delightfully daring and delicious, not everyone likes sweet and salty.

This makes 12 cupcakes.

You'll need
Caramel squares
Rock sea salt

First make a half batch of my grandmother's amazingly moist chocolate cake: Chocolate Cake

Get some squares of caramel and unwrap them.

Cut the squares in half and press one half into sea salt that hasn't been ground up.

(Sea salt caramels are popular right now- so if you can find them I'd use that instead. I couldn't find any so this was my solution.)
Put the 2 caramel halves together to make a salty caramel sandwich.

Put cupcake wrappers in a cupcake tin and fill the bottoms with the chocolate cake batter. I highly recommend cooking for a couple minutes so the caramel doesn't sink to the bottom.

Place caramels on top of batter and cover with more cake batter.
Place in oven at 350 degrees. Let cook for about 20 minutes.

Now make some cream cheese frosting and frost the cupcakes. Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Take some pretzels and put them in a zip lock bag and crush them with a meat tenderizer.

Sprinkle pretzels on top of icing.
Grate two pieces of caramel on a cheese grater. Sprinkle garnish on top of icing.
If you really like salty then sprinkle a tiny bit of the rock sea salt on top. 


Shortcut Section:

Buy frosting and box of cake mix.

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