Saturday, August 4, 2012

11 New Fluffiefriends and Tutubuddies!

New Fluffiefriends and Tutubuddies ready for love and hugs!

Pink Piggy Tutubuddy in Purple Tutu
White Seal Fluffiefriend
Blue Penguin Fluffiefriend
White Snowy Owl Fluffiefriend
Pink Bunny Tutubuddy in Yellow Tutu
Purple Pony Fluffiefriend
Yellow Puppy Tutubuddy in Blue Lace Tutu
Pink Birdy Fluffiefriend
Green Frog Fluffiefriend
White Kitten Tutubuddy in Dark Purple Tutu
Pink Elephant Tutubuddy in White Wedding Dress Tutu
White Owl Tutubuddy in Hot Pink Plaid School Tutu

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  1. I love the tutubuddies! I'd put one on my desk to smile at through the day.

    I wish I could order some, but I'm in Mexico for a while.

    I used to be a ballet dancer. I also was a special ed teacher.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog ;-)

  2. Thank you! :) That's what they're there for. :)

    Oh wow! Mexico! Hope you're having a fantastic time!

    Really? I always thought ballet would be fun and admired ballerinas- they have such grace and poise! A bit old for it now I suppose... I love special education- it is wonderful working with the students. :)

    I plan to stop by more often- I love that idea with recycling towels!