Saturday, August 11, 2012

8 Reasons to Freeze Food

You may have noticed that all the recipes so far in the blog have been ones that could easily be frozen. Many of the recipes on this blog will be.


1. Taste. Nothing beats the taste of home cooking- especially the meals posted here. Delicious flavors like these can't be found in the frozen section of the grocery store. The fried chicken isn't as flavorful, the lasagna isn't as meaty, the food just isn't quite as tasty.

2. Ease. There will always be food available. All you have to do is open the freezer and stick it in! No cooking, no driving to the store, no going to fast food.

3. Bulk. Cooking large meals then freezing them in bulk is convenient for a couple reasons- usually buying food in bulk makes it cheaper- you can buy a large discount pack of meat even when there's only two people. Bulk cooking isn't very much more difficult than cooking a smaller meal- just use bigger pots. This is easier than preparing the food, cooking the food, arranging the food. Then later preparing the food, cooking the food, arranging the food. And again. Just having it be prepare, cook, portion off.

4. Price. Cooking the food yourself then freezing it is cheaper than buying frozen food- it has to be transported in expensive frozen trucks and the companies that make them need profit.

5. Health. You know exactly what is in the food you make. You can never be entirely sure with frozen food. Frozen food also tends to have a lot of carbs, not much vegetables or fruit, and very little meat. Not only do you know all the ingredients in the food you make, you also know that there are enough of each food group in the meal.

6. Portions. It can be hard to find the perfect portion sizes out there. Especially if one person in your home needs very large meals, while another doesn't get very hungry at all.

7. Reduce Waste. You can use old containers to store the food for freezing. Any kind of plastic container- butter, sour cream, feta cheese, deli meat, ect. This is great because you save money by not paying for the frozen food company's packaging, don't have to buy new freezer packaging, and you reduce waste by reusing your old containers. Frozen food packaging has a lot of plastic and cardboard that just ends in the trash. This helps reduce that- plus recycling the old plastic containers means they won't be trash either.

8. Variety. You'll never have to hear "Agaaaaiiiin?" ever again. You don't have to feel like you've been eating the same old thing over and over again. With a bunch of different, flavorful meals, you'll always have a choice- and all delicious! Don't forget the label with tape and permanent marker.

See Yummy Recipes for ideas of good meals to freeze!
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