Sunday, August 26, 2012

End of Summer Mini Pie Recipe

Last weekend Betty the Bunny got two, amazingly huge and delicious peaches from the Webster Street Market and has been dying to make pies of them- especially since summer is ending and it'll be harder to find good, fresh berries and peaches.

Luckily, yesterday she got a chance to make the peach and mixed berry pies to bring to a party. They were a huge hit! People loved them. It was also great because it's lactose-free, so everyone could enjoy them!

(And yes, you can Freeze them! :))

This will make about 26 End of Summer Mini Pies (13 peach and 13 berry) and 1 Chocolate Rose Pastry 

Ingredients you will need:

Flaky Pastry Crust
1 Peach
3 Cups of Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)

NO sugar- the fruit is sweet enough- plus it makes the pies healthier! 

You will also need:
Muffin Tin
Sewing Needle (knife works too)
Top of Salt Shaker (or soda-pop lid, milk cap, ect)


Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Make the Flaky Pastry Crust and roll it out. Take a cup, rub the edges with flour, and use it like a cookie-cutter to cut our circles in the dough.

Place circles in muffin tin. (Make sure that you grease it well if it's not non-stick.)

Place peach slices in every-other crust and berries in every-other crust.

Put in oven for about 7 minutes. While the pies are in the oven cut out mini-circles using top of the salt shaker (or something around that size.) (This is where the needle really helped- if the dough got stuck in the salt shaker top, you can stab the dough out through one of the small holes using the needle.)

Take the small circles and cut 6 lines in it around the edge (don't cut all the way to the center.)

Pinch the corners that have been cut- this makes the flour petals.

Cut a long strip of dough and section it into triangles- these are the leaves.

Take out pies. Place leaves and flowers on top of the berries and peaches.

Place back into oven and let bake for around 5-6 more minutes- until the crust is golden-brown.


It is especially tasty served hot and with ice cream! Yum!

Shortcut Section:

Buy pre-made pie crust and pie filling.

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