Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fried Hot Wings Delight Recipe

What is better than a crispy, fried snack with a gooey, meaty inside? These fried hot wings delight are perfect for football, parties, celebrations, or just a sinfully delicious snack! Bonny the Bunny loves making Fried Hot Wings Delight!

This is similar, but has no affiliation with The Cheesecake Factory and their Buffalo Blasts

You will need:
 Hot Wings Dip
Egg Roll or Wonton Wrappers
Breading (or Crispy Onions)

Hot Sauce
Chilli Powder
Dried Chives
Why the hot sauce and chilli powder? Adding extra spice makes it so you can dip the Fried Hot Wings Delight in ranch dressing! Yummy! 

Prepare 3 bowls.
1st bowl- 2 eggs and hot sauce- beaten together

2nd bowl- flour and chili powder

3rd bowl- breading (or crispy onions- yum!) and dried chives

Take the Hot Wings Chicken Dip and place in center of wrappers.

Line edge of wrapper with egg- this acts like a glue to hold the wrapper closed.

Fold wrapper over.

Dip packet in egg- wipe off excess egg. Dip packet in flour. Dip back in egg. Dip in breading.

Let the Hot Wings Delights sit for a while to let the breading settle and won't come off when frying.

Place Hot Wings Delights in oil and fry.

Turn over when they begin to brown and fry other side.

Place Fried Hot Wings Delights on a paper towel. Cover with paper towels to take off some of the oil.

Crispy, tasty outsides and gooey, meaty insides! Perfect and satisfying! Yum!

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