Friday, August 24, 2012

Super Quick, Super Easy Steak

Didn't have time to marinate a steak and have a craving for a flavorful one RIGHT NOW? Yeah, been there. This is a laughably simple recipe for an amazing tasting steak in minutes. (Thanks to my amazing chef hubby for the recipe! (And the steak)) Recently Seamore the Seal got hungry for steak too!

You will need:
Salt- seasoning salt is best
Pepper- seasoning pepper is also tasty
Freeze-Dried Red Onion
Worcestershire Sauce 
Liquid Smoke

That's it!

Place equal parts salt and pepper in bowl. Press steak into salt and pepper. Throw on skillet/grill/whatever.

Put on high to crisp and brown the outsides of the steak. Sprinkle liquid smoke and worcestershire sauce.

Turn to low to cook to your taste in steak doneness.That's it! You're ready to fix your craving.
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