Saturday, September 8, 2012

5 Ways to Eat Healthier

My husband is making his amazing burgers, so to keep my mind off of the delicious smells I'll write a post. :)

Looking for ways to eat healthier? Need more vegetables in your diet? Here are some simple ways to do so!

1. 'Sneak' it in foods- it's so easy to add spinach to almost anything- dips, lasagna sauce (pretty much any sauce), add peas or corn to mac 'n cheese, ect.

2. Don't keep vegetables in the vegetable drawers of your fridge. You don't see them there and forget- so keep things you use often- such as juice boxes, bacon, or condiments in the vegetable drawers

and keep the vegetables on a shelf to remind yourself they're there! (Thanks Gizmodo for the tip!)

Yes- that is 4 gallons of milk- milk is delicious!

Keep them fresh by keeping a box of baking soda in the fridge.

3. Grow your own vegetables! They're always fresh! Plush you know exactly what has been used on it. You tend and care for them every day so you remember that they're there, and you're more likely to use them if you have spent so much work to get them to begin with!

4. Buy frozen vegetables- frozen vegetables are actually healthier- they're picked when the vegetables are ripe- the 'fresh' vegetables in the store are actually picked before they're ripe so they have time to ship and sell before they're ripe- which means they don't get all of the good vitamins and minerals. 

5. Fresh herbs also have a lot of similar vitamins and minerals that vegetables have- they're green plants, after all- plus things such as dill and parsley can be put in everything.
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