Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bacon Stuffed Cheesy Chicken Recipe

To celebrate Bacon Day (the Saturday before Labor Day) Ellie the Elephant Bride decided to make Bacon Stuffed Cheesy Chicken (Especially since the Bacon Stuffed Steak turned out so well!)

Ingredients you will need:
Spreadable Garlic and Herb Cheese
Barbecue Sauce (Ellie's favorite is Kraft Honey BBQ)

Slice chicken open so that it makes a purse. Marinate the chicken in an oil, vinegar, and salt mixture with a little bit of barbecue sauce.

Cook a full pack of precooked bacon.

Place bacon in bowl and crush with spoon.

Mix with spinach. Stuff chicken with bacon and spinach.

Place cheese in chicken.

Stuff with more bacon and spinach.

Cook the chicken in the bacon grease.

Pour a little bit of barbecue sauce over chicken. Let cook on one side.

Turn over and pour a little more barbecue sauce on it. Ready to serve! Yum!

It's delicious with Spicy Hash Browns

or  with Onion Parmesan Potato Pancakes. 

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