Sunday, September 9, 2012

Betty the Bunny Goes Apple Picking

Betty the Bunny decided to go apple picking to get some really fresh, delicious apples. She went out to Tükens Orchard and Farm Market outside of Dayton, Ohio and had a lot of fun. 
It was beautiful there!

There were a lot of pumpkins and a pumpkin patch so you could pick your own! 

There were a ton of apple trees with 30 Different Kinds of Apples. 

There was a petting zoo with a lot of friendly animals. 

The store had a lot of interesting and delicious foods. It was beautiful- they had leaves hanging similar to the way the house has been Decorated for Autumn


There was even a lovely pick-nick spot to have lunch.

It was a lot of fun! Now to make a bunch of snacks and meals with apples! Yum! 

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