Thursday, September 6, 2012

Falling Autumn Leaves

It's September- ready for fall? I lovelovelove autumn! We like decorating our house differently every season- leaves for autumn, snowflakes for winter, butterflies for spring, and sunflowers for summer. We just took down all the sunflowers and have put up the autumn leaves. Why? The variety is fun- it's a great way make your house feel new and get excited for the season. :) Plus it keeps every room new and interesting- so no need for expensive, time-consuming, painful remolding! We've been doing it for a couple years now and love it!

The autumn leaves are easy and cheep- the arts and crafts stores have tons of fake leaves and they're already on sale! Just superglue a small shred of paper and tape it to the wall or window.

Hanging the leaves from the ceiling is wonderful- it actually feels like leaves are falling around you. It's gorgeous and romantic. It's also easy- just glue some white string to the leaves and tape it to the ceiling. :) (It's hard to show just how cool it is in pictures- but it's amazing. 

The whole family loves it. :)

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