Monday, September 17, 2012

Football Food: Cheesy Taco Fries Recipe

Last week I made tacos- I make them about once every other month 'cause I love tacos. Saw all the grease and bits of meat left in the pan and thought it was such a waste- so here are the Cheesy Taco Fries! They were a huge hit! See the Taco Meat Recipe.

Ingredients You Will Need:

Pot (that just cooked taco meat with grease and bits of meat still in)
Frozen French Fries
Grains of Course Sea Salt


It's so easy. Just throw the frozen french fries in the pan that just cooked taco meat and set stove on medium-high.

Add grains of sea salt.

Put on plate, cover with cheese then hover the pot over the fries- this melts the cheese wonderfully.

Instead of dipping in ketchup- dip in salsa and sour cream (with chives.) Just made tacos but aren't planing on having guests or a game any time soon? They're very easy to Freeze and still taste amazing. Add bacon for more fun. ;)

Shortcut Section:

Use canned chilli with beans and some pre-mixed taco seasoning.

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  1. I never thought tacos would be straight-forward. Thank you for sharing your recipe :)

  2. Tacos really aren't bad- especially since everyone can put together their own. :) The fries themselves took about 10 minutes.