Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things To Do In Dayton, Ohio: Cox Arboretum And Gardens Metropark

Last Sunday (not this past one- the one a week before- yesterday will be tomorrows post! ;)) a group of friends decided to have a pick nick at Cox Arboretum and Gardens after seeing some of My Photos. My husband and I were shocked that though many of those there had lived there as long as we had, very few had ever been! We're now finding ourselves to be the tour guides of this wonderful city. (Yeah, I know- I used to think Ohio would be boring too.) So to help anyone else out there in the area looking for a good time I'll start doing virtual tours. :) In honor of last Sunday, I will begin with Cox Arboretum and Gardens.

Cox is part of the Five Rivers Metroparks in Dayton. It is a favorite to photographers and there's no secret to why. It is mind blowing that such an incredible place is completely free! Even the butterfly house is no charge.
As you can see- there's a great deal to do! There are quiet a few lakes, hiking trails, a butterfly house, gazebos, flowering trees. It's amazing.

There is a great deal of wild life to enjoy.

Beautiful gazebos reflected in lakes and nestled in flowers.
The lakes are still gorgeous when they're frozen over.

Spring is my favorite time for this park. The tulip trees are out of this world!
There are rivers of daffodils. (And soon a magnificent tower to look down on them from!)

You must see the cherry and apple blossoms that are everywhere! Especially Crab Apple Alee- an alley of apple trees that bloom in the spring- it's amazing and a favorite wedding spot in the spring.

 My husband's favorite part is the edible landscape garden because it always smells so good! Like tea! You can also find roses, tulips, and sunflowers in there. The sunflowers were amazing this year!

The Butterfly House is beautiful to sit in and is very educational!
The fields are gorgeous and fun to walk through.
Little streams drop off into pretty little waterfalls that are soothing to read by or just sit and think!

It's no wonder you often find photographers at Cox. It's a very popular place is to have portraits taken- family, prom, wedding, engagement, senior photos- all kinds.

Cox Arboretum is fun in the rain! :D

There was a photo shoot at Cox For The Russian Tiara Kokoshniki
And Seamore the Seal went to Cox To See The Butterfly House
More Photos of Cox Arboretum

For more information about Cox Arboretum and activities there, visit the official Five Rivers Metroparks website:http://www.metroparks.org/Parks/CoxArboretum/Home.aspx

Have fun exploring!
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  1. Thanks for the information! I will be in the area for a family reunion in a few months and I was looking for a couple of fun places to go in Ohio. At first I was dreading going, but I'm relieved to find out that there are actually fun things to do.

    1. Welcome! :D It really is such a fun place (I was dreading Ohio too.) I hope to get a lot more of the interesting things to see up as time goes on- until then, if you want to see what else is around I keep a pinterest for Dayton: http://pinterest.com/violetsilverlin/things-to-do-in-dayton-ohio/ and there's a community board for Ohio in general: http://pinterest.com/violetsilverlin/things-to-do-in-ohio/ (It's given me a lot of ideas of what to check out.)