Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Things To Do In Ohio: Renaissance Festival

This past Sunday we went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival- a delightful, 8-week fair in Harveysburg. It is less than an hour from Dayton and Cincinnati and about an hour from Columbus- so easy access to a lot of people! There are Themed Weekends every week, which is fun. The place is huge! Plenty of food, shopping, sport, shows, activities, and fun for everyone! You can make sure you hit what you want to see most through the Entertainment Schedule. So far, it's been the best fair I've been to in any state.
Right when we entered the large castle doors there was a Royal Procession in progress.

We hurried to see the jousting and knight games. (When jousting is not going on you can ride the knights' war horses.)
The 2 swordsmen were fun to watch fighting and were very entertaining!
It was fun seeing the people and their crafts and talents around the fair.
The costumes were fun to look at.
Silver or copper roses that actually smell like roses!
And there were a ton of amazing things to buy.
Wax-dipped roses that last for a year.
Gypsy clothes.
An adorable and fearsome battle squirrel!

The whole festival was a lot of fun and I highly, highly, highly recommend it to people of all ages!

There was a cool pirate ship that doubles as a stage for plays.
Yep, I dressed up, and asked my husband to dress up too. I did mention I'm a geek, right?

There are some gorgeous dresses!

All the kiddie rides are man-powered- which is fun for the kids and entertaining to watch! |D

And of course there are castles!

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