Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fresh Hot Drink

Ellie The Elephant has been drinking tons and tons and tons of tea for years. (7-8 large glasses a day (and 3 of milk.)) Her husband, Edison The Elephant has been concerned that tea isn't as hydrating as water is. So Ellie decided to try out something new! She played around a bit and found a delicious recipe that's refreshing, hydrating, and delicious!


3 Mint Leaves
1/2 Of A Thin Slice of Lemon (Or 1/2 Thin Slice Orange- also tasty!)
1 Glass boiled water


Boil 1 glass of water (pan works, microwave works, but the best is a water boiling pot- if you drink a lot of hot liquids, it's the best.) Tear up the 3 mint leaves into water. Add 1/2 thin slice lemon. Let sit for a minute or two so that the water is still hot- but not too hot anymore. Drink and enjoy! It's so good! Try it with orange as well- very tasty!

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