Monday, October 29, 2012

Kitten Tutubuddy and Stone Bridges

Sonya The Kitten Tutubuddy went to Eastwood Park! It is a large, gorgeous park with a lot to offer! This time Sonya went to the pond part- it's one of her favorite parts!

Sonya loves going over the stone bridge- it's gorgeous, beautiful, and makes Sonya feel like she's in a pretty story.

The bridge leads to a little island. It's lovely to sit on the bench and look out over the lake!

What's this? Another bridge to another island!

And another bridge and island?

Another bridge and island?

That's 4 gorgeous stone bridges and little islands to explore- how fun! Sonya had a lot of fun on the bridges and looking out at the beautiful views of the lake from the islands.

It's a fun place to play princess or pirate!

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