Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pinterest Tea and Cookies

Found some more great recipes from Pinterest I would recommend to try!

Lemon Cookies

Ellie The Elephant made Lemon Cookies by LDS Living are so good! Everyone at the party loved them! They're soft and gooey and delightfully lemony. Make sure you try this recipe out!

Bubble Tea

Princess The Penguin made some Boba Tea. My husband loveloveloves Bubble Tea, so he was thrilled when I found a recipe for Boba Tea from theKitchen. It's much easier to find the tapioca pearls than you'd think! We found 4 different kinds just down the street at one of the little Asian markets around town. (We got rainbow!) Look up one near you on Google. You can also get them on Amazon if you're in a smaller area. I used this eHow Article to find out how to make the tapioca pearls at their best. The greatest thing about these recipes is that you can uses sweetener instead of sugar. I will admit that my husband wasn't thrilled with the end result as much- complaining that it wasn't as creamy and was too sweet. So I found

The Perfect Bubble Tea Recipe:

Place desired amount of bubble pearls in glass
Fill glass 1/4 with whipping cream
Add another 1/4 of the glass with skim milk
Fill rest with tea of choice

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