Sunday, October 28, 2012

Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Yesterday marked my husband and I have been in a relationship for 5 years and someone decided to make it a little special. :) I figured I'd put up some pictures to help out any guys who want to impress their loved ones and make them feel special. :) <3 Have fun with it and she'll love it.

(I did the hanging leaves for Fall Decorations back in September, but they are very fun and romantic.) Adding the flowers and rose petals was very lovely. Most girls I know love seeing rose petals strewn around. 

 Christmas lights are extremely romantic and make it look like a fairy kingdom or like the room is full of stars.
 But the lace and sheer fabrics add a really nice glow. :)

 The tablecloth thing is so cool! It makes you feel like your dining on a cloud in the stars.
 The lights look like fireflies! (I guess the red part in the center was supposed to be a heart- it didn't quite work out, but it was a very sweet thought. :))
 The blue hanging lights look like rain- very romantic! :)
 Chocolate is always a good way to win a girl over. :) <3

 So beautiful!

 Everything looked so magical and special! What a way to make your loved one to feel special too. :)
 It was like being in a magic fairytale. <3
 I love lace and it's really cool to have the lace in front of the lights- it makes such beautiful patterns on the walls!

 So beautiful!

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