Saturday, October 13, 2012

Things To Do In Dayton Ohio: Huffman Dam

Weeblie The Penguin decided to have a lovely sunset pick-nick on top of Huffman Dam! Huffman Dam is in Huffman Metropark in Dayton Ohio. Sunset is the perfect time to have a pick-nick on top of the dam with the view of the Mad River, Dayton, and the sun.
It was gorgeous with the wind blowing through the long grass.

The color of the sunset was reflected in the river. Weeblie got to see some deer. While walking on the dam it was easy to see that Huffman Metropark is a wonderful plce to see! We can't wait to get to explore it more! 

3 deer running.

The sunset looked like angel wings across the sky.

A sundog! (Sundog is a rainbow without rain made in the sky close to the sun.)
Huffman Dam is really a great place for a romantic sunset pick nick. :)

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