Friday, October 5, 2012

Wienerschnitzel Recipe

Löwe The Lion Fluffiefriend had so much fun at the Columbus Oktoberfest that he decided to have a tasty, German meal at home! He made some amazing Creamy Garlic Basil Spätzle and Wienerschnitzel- a tasty, traditional German dish! It's good on its own or on a sandwich! 

Ingredients You Will Need:
2 Veal Steaks (plain steak or pork chops will work too)
Bread Cumbs
Garlic Salt
2 Tablespoons Bacon Grease (any grease will do- or oil will do)
2 Tablespoons White Vinegar 

Pound the steaks with a meat hammer until they're as flat as you can make them- kids and husbands LOVE to help with this part. Mix bread crumbs and hint of garlic salt. Shake the steak in the bread crumbs. Let sit for a while to let the bread crumbs settle on the meat. In a large frying pan place 1 tablespoon of grease and 1 of vinegar and put stove on high. 

Fry 1 piece of breaded steak until crispy. Repeat with second steak with new tablespoon of grease and vinegar. 

Enjoy the crispy, meaty, deliciousness! 

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