Monday, November 5, 2012

Edison the Elephant goes to Charleston Falls Preserve

Edison The Elephant Groom Fluffiefriend went to Charleston Falls Preserve in Tipp City.

The Fall leaves looked beautiful- like burning stars!

Edison decided to have a little pick nick in the gazebo in the middle of a wide, open field. 

 Look! Wildflowers!
Oh no! The waterfall is dry today. That's ok- there's still a great view from up here and plenty of trails to explore!

 It's so fun walking in the autumn leaves! They're so crunchy!

Wow! What a view from this tower! It's so beautiful! It's a great place for Edison to sit and think for a while!

 Look at these cool little circle stepping stones!

 Wow! What a pretty little pond!

 But why does the sign look so funny?
 That's cool!

It was a very pretty day for Edison to explore Charleston Falls today!

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