Friday, November 16, 2012

Free Knitting Pattern: Ruffle Lace Snowflake Scarf

Thanks to my lovely model!
Penguin not included.

I had some yarn left over after knitting my Snow White Ice Princess Lace Dress and I had recently seen a scarf similar to this in the store- for $9.99. I figured why not use the rest of the yarn, pay less for a beautiful scarf, and give myself something to do while watching Tangled? So the Ruffle Lace Snowflake Scarf was born.

Materials You Will Need:

324 yards of yarn
(I used Wool-Ease worsted weight white/multi- it sparkles!)

Circular Needles
(I wanted to use larger needles than are appropriate for my choice of yarn to make it more lacy.)

Knitting Terms:

K- knit
P- pearl
YO- yarn over
2YO- yarn over twice- just do a yarn over then do it again and move on to the next stitch
K2T- knit 2 stitches together
CO- Cast on /*normally I don't make a symbol for this, but it's important for the end.*/
CF- Cast off /*see comment above*/


Body of Scarf:

CO 135 stitches.

1. P row
2. P row
3. K row
4. K1 *YO K1* until end of row (now 270 stitches)
5. P row
6. P row
7. K1 *YO K1* until end of row (now 540 stitches)
8. K row
9. P row
10. P row
11. K2T *YO K2T* until end of row
12. K row
13. P row
14. P row 
15. K2T *YO K2T* until end of row
16. K row
17. P row
18. P1 *YO P1 2YO P1* until end of row /*yes- yarn overs on pearl stitches*/
19. P row

Icy Edging:

(This is just a simple Picot Binding.)
/*There should never be more than 2 stitches on your working needle here.*/
/*When casting on, take the stitch from your working needle, pass it back to the other needle and cast the stitch on from the stitch you were working on.*/

1. CF2 *CO1 CF3* until finished


 I did block the scarf. I regret that. Before I blocked it it was fluffly like newly fallen snow. I love the way it is now, but it was a lot of fun that way. Sadly, I don't even have any pictures of it unblocked to show as an example. When you get to blocking just make sure you want it more elegant than fun before doing so.

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  1. hello!
    i just love your scarf but would like to know what size knitting needles you had used as you've only mentioned on your pattern,"larger than appropriate" so what size were they?
    lorna klotz

    1. Good point! I believe the needles were around 18 or 19. I just wanted it as lacy as possible. :)

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  3. For the Icy Edging, do you do the for the casting-on row and the casting-off row only?

    1. I think we're missing a word here, so it's a little tough for me to understand, but the Icy Edging is only one row- you both cast on and cast off on that row- it's what give the cool, pointed edging.

      So what you'll do is cast off two stitches in the beginning. After that you will *take the loop on your working needle, return it to the needle with all the remaining loops on it, use that loop to cast on one stitch, then cast off three stitches* and repeat everything in the *'s over and over until you don't have any stitches left.

    2. If you're more of a visual person- here is a Youtube video that'll help explain. She does it slightly differently than I do, but it's the same result. (And she is doing a larger point by casting on 2 stitches instead of 1.) It's called "Picot Bind Off."