Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tasty Fondue-Flavored Vegetarian Dip Recipe

When Casey The Puppy Tutubuddy threw a Halloween party last month she didn't know what to do! Most of her guests were vegetarian! She had never cooked vegetarian before! Thinking quickly and looking what she had in her kitchen. She came up with this dish and absolutely everyone loved it! It was warm, gooey and tasted like fondue- it's perfect for any party. (Vegetarian or not.) It would also be fantastic for a romantic night at home together. It's really simple and easy to make.

Ingredients You Will Need:

2 Cups Ranch Dressing (Hidden Valley is best.)
1 1/2 Package of Cheddar Cheese
1 Package Frozen Spinach
3 Tablespoons Frozen Corn

Things to dip in! Toasted bread is the best- but pita chips, chips, carrots, vegetables, or sliced meats (to make it even more fondue-ish) will also be good. 


Very easy- throw everything in a pot on medium-low heat and stir until everything is combined. Serve!

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