Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things To Do In Dayton: Eastwood Park

Eastwood Park in Dayton, Ohio is one of my favorite Five Rivers Metro Parks. It is incredible. It's large and has a great variety of things to do.
Eastwood Park Map

My husband and I have divided the park into 7 parts- waterfall, bike path, pond, trees, river, plains and lake.

1. Waterfall
There is a small waterfall at Eastwood. Though it's not large, it is very beautiful.
Lovely light on the waterfall in the morning.
Waterfall in the snow at Eastwood Park.

2. Bike Path
The bike path is great. You can ride it all the way into downtown Dayton and Riverscape Metropark.
Sunset on a tree on the bike path.

3. Pond
The pond is amazing- on the pond are 4 islands with a gorgeous stone bridge leading to each island. This is the section that Sonya The Kitten decided to Explore.
Beautiful spring sunset over pond and lake.
Sunlight streaming through trees onto stone bridge over pond.
Gorgeous autumn trees reflected in pond with bridge.
Geese swimming in golden reflection of trees.
View of autumn trees at sunset from stone bridge.
Frost on a wood dock on the pond at Eastwood Park.
Trees and stone bridge.
Romantic-colored sunset on 2 ducks at Eastwood.

4. Trees
The trees are beautiful to walk through and look gorgeous in the autumn.
Fiery autumn leaves.
Mist rising as sun rises through a tree at Eastwood.
5. River
There's a thin little path that runs along the river. It is a lovely little walk.
Purple flowers by the river at Eastwood Park.
Raindrop hanging from light purple flower.

6. Plains
Walking through the plains is a lot of fun- and you might get a chance to spot a deer!
Clouds over the fluffy fields.
Goldenrod fields.

7. Lake
The lake is gorgeous. My favorite time to see the lake is definitely at sunset- the colors are out of this world!
Yellow flower on a colorful sunset reflected in lake.

Fiery sunset on lake at Eastwood Park.

White pear blossoms in the rain.
Looking up at autumn leaves floating in the lake.
Red leaf and root at the bottom of the lake at Eastwood Park.

Eastwood has a lot of different animals you can see- squirrels, ducks, geese, herons, and deer!
Heron standing in the river at Eastwood Park.
Monarch butterfly on goldenrod.
2 Geese in the pond.
Heron perched in the tree in front of fall leaves.

What I love about Eastwood is that it is gorgeous in every season and fun to explore!
Cherry blossoms in the rain in the spring.
2 Mallard ducks on a wooden dock in the summer.
Water droplet falling from a leaf into the river in the fall.
Snow on stone bridge in the winter at Eastwood Park.
It's a wonderful place to explore! You can play around and have fun, enjoy a pick nick, or have a romantic walk with your sweetheart. It's a great place for photo shoots and I'm shocked that there aren't more people taking advantage of it. :)

Epic sunset photo at Eastwood Park.

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