Saturday, December 1, 2012

Things To Do In Ohio: Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights

It's December! A beautiful time of the year. So many Christmas lights up to see and enjoy. A great place to go see them is the Cincinnati Zoo- they're amazing! Every year the zoo holds the Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights. The festival is huge- last year we walked through it for hours and never saw the whole thing. Over 2 million lights are used to amaze the zoo's guests.

Guests are welcomed by a huge nutcracker rhino.
Huge rhinoceros nutcracker lit up at the zoo.
 Travel down the tunnel of lights to the zoo!
Tunnel of lights to the Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights

Cincinnati Festival of Lights is an extremely romantic place to go in December!
Let the lights carry you away!
There is a dancing light show on Swan Lake where the Christmas lights sparkle to Christmas music on the trees and the large Christmas tree on an island in the middle of the lake.

Christmas light show as part of the Festival of Lights in Cincinnati Zoo.
Christmas tree lit up on Swan Lake at Cincinnati Zoo.

See it from the train that tours the lights from its tracks.

See all the Christmas lights animals.

Watch Christmas lights penguins ice skating.

Or the real animals of the zoo.

The unique sight of pink flamingos standing under colorful Christmas lights is a rare, wonderful treat.
Pink flamingos under Christmas lights of the Cincinnati Zoo.
Flamingos at the Festival of Lights.

See the mystical blue lights around the waterwheel.

Moon over blue-lit waterwheel of the Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights.

Explore the candy cane forest.
Christmas lights candy cane forest at Cincinnati Festival of Lights.

Enjoy walking through the magical, lit up fairy forest full of ballerina fairy princesses.
Fairy princess Christmas lights at the zoo.

So many beautiful lights and things to see!
Manger by the petting zoo as part of the Festival of Lights.
Golden trees in front of the lit-up reptile house.

White Siberian tiger puppet show for children.

Huge Christmas trees all decked out at the zoo.

Beautiful trees dripping blue light onto the manatee sculpture at Cincinnati Zoo.

Waterfall of light among white-iced lit trees.

Large Christmas tree lighting up a night at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Light raining down from trees.
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