Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Teddy Bear Valentine's Day

Timmy and Barry the teddy bears were talking.
"What's the matter?" Timmy asked.
"Well, Valentine's Day is coming and I want to do something for Valentine."

"Don't worry Barry, I can help," Timmy said.
"I want it to be really special."
"I'm sure she'll be glad to spend it with you no matter what, but we'll do something special."
 "Come along with me," Timmy lead the way.
 Barry and Timmy went to the necklace shop.
"They're all so pretty!" Timmy exclaimed.

 "I like this one, with the flowers," Barry decided.

 "Now for some real flowers!"
"Valentine will love these!"

 There, now all set! Ready for Valentine's Day!
 Valentine was so happy to see Barry on her favorite day.
 "Here! I got you flowers and a necklace!"
 "You didn't have to, I'm just happy to spend the day with you."
 Barry knew that the flowers were for Valentine, but she looked so pretty with them, they felt like a gift fro

"I bet she'll look even prettier with the choker too!" Thought Barry.
"Here, let me help you with the necklace," Tedd offered.
"Oh, why thank you, how sweet!"

 There- so beautiful!

 Timmy was glad that he was able to help Valentine and Barry out. They make such a cute couple.

 Dedicated my man, the most wonderful husband in the world who proposed today 5 years ago. <3

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