Friday, March 29, 2013

German Easter Eggs Tutorial

So Easter is coming up fast this year! A tradition my husband and I have fun with is German Easter Eggs. They're not much harder than regular Easter eggs, you can keep them as pretty decorations year after year, and they're great if you're not a huge fan of hard-boiled eggs. (I like them, but I can only eat so many of them!) This year Betty The Bunny Tutubuddy helped out!

Things You Will Need:

Safety Pin/Needle
Toothpick or Twisty
A Branch or Tree


First you need to hollow out the eggs. (Originally Duke the Duck Fluffiefriend was helping out, but he got sent to a nice family in France half-way through.) Wash the eggs very thoroughly! Salmonella is on the surface of eggs! (Even then, I cannot guarantee the safety of the eggs. I've never had a problem and the Russian side of my family has never had a problem with eggs, but the American side has always been super careful about them.)

Shake the egg vigorously. Gently poke a hole in the bottom of the egg using a pin or needle. Move the pin around in a circle to make the hole bigger. The bigger the hole, the easier this will be, but also the more noticeable the hole will be too.

Now poke a hole in the top of the egg. (You can make this hole smaller.)

Take a toothpick or twisty and stick it in the hole and stir around to break the yolk of the egg. Put your mouth on the top of the egg and blow really hard. The insides of the egg will come out of the bottom. You can use these to make omelettes, scrambled eggs, or do like I did and make Palm Sunday Pancakes.
Mmm, scrambled eggs!

Now paint or dye the eggs any way you like!
Even Ludwig helped out.

Mein Herz (My Heart) with my husband and my thumbprints making a heart <3

Ich Liebe Dich- I love you.

It is an old, German tradition to hang eggs from a tree or branch. So take some string, tie it to a small piece of toothpick or twisty (if you're using twisties, then trim off the paper edges first so it's just the wire.) Stick the toothpick or twisty into the top hole and poke it all the way in with another toothpick or twisty, so that it's on its side and won't pop back out.

Then tie it! It's a pretty decoration to enjoy on Easter, whether it's in the house or out in your garden!

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