Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Great Pancake Breakfast

Baby the bumblebee Fluffiefriend saw something cool on Pinterest and decided to try it out! Bacon Pancakes! Oh my goodness, yum! Baby wanted to try it out! (Though my husband was wary of the idea, so Baby made some of his favorite pancakes- which will be after the bacon pancakes.) It was delicious. After my husband tried it he converted to the dark side and loves them too. :)

Bacon Pancakes:

It's so simple really, just mix up your favorite pancake mix (or your favorite instant pancake mix*) and pour it over bacon that you've cooked. It's so simple and delicious! Amazing! The only thing I'd change is that I would also put breakfast sausage in it- especially maple flavored sausage. Yum, it would be amazing! I'm very much looking forward to trying it out sometime!

Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes:

These are my husband's favorites. It's very simple- just add chocolate chips to your pancake mix (or instant pancake mix.*) Cook it up. Put some strawberry pie filling between and over pancakes and whipped cream. (You could use real strawberries too, but Oleg prefers the pie filling strawberries on his pancakes, so that's what I put. :)) 

Enjoy your breakfast!

*I like making my own mix since pancake mix does expire and I never manage to use it on time, so over-all, it's just easier whipping it up myself.

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