Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday Pancakes

Palm Sunday is one of my favorite holidays. Sadly, a lot of churches don't hand out palm fronds like they used to. :( So I figured this year I'd make some of my own and celebrate this holiday. It's a delicious way to do so! I decide the best way to do it was using the Bacon Pancake idea.

Ingredients You'll Need:

Anything For Your Favorite Pancake Batter
Bacon- shredded into thin strips
Sausage- cut or torn into strips


Pour pancake batter on stove.

Take bacon and make a fan pattern with it, like a palm frond.

Place the sausage down the center, like the stalk of the palm.

When the pancake is ready flip it. Cook until finished and serve! It's delicious. As you can tell in the photos, this was my first attempt at it, so they don't look as pretty as hoping, but I'm just happy to have a palm this year and I'm definitely going to make them again next year! Enjoy and happy Palm Sunday!

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