Sunday, March 17, 2013

Things To Do In Dayton: Charleston Falls

Charleston Falls Preserve is a wonderful park in Tipp City, near Dayton, Ohio. Edison The Elephant Visited Last Fall. It is gorgeous, with almost 4 miles of trails through woods, prairie, past ponds, rivers, and a gorgeous, 37 foot tall waterfall. We first discovered Charleston Falls Preserve back in May 2010 for our first wedding anniversary together. We were impressed by the size and beauty of the waterfall and the grounds around it.

Sunlight on the beautiful Charleston Falls in May.
Rainbow at the base of Charleston Falls in Ohio.
Blowing bubbles by the falls. :)

My husband instantly loved the falls, but my favorite part was the acres and acres of blooming blackberry bushes- it was gorgeous, like a cloud had landed on earth.
It's hard to capture the beauty of acres of snowy blackberry blossoms.

The preserve is also beautiful in the fall, with colorful trees and falling leaves. That's when we first discovered the gazebo and the cool, round stepping stones across the streams. We did, however, go during a dry spell, so we were disappointed to find that the falls weren't flowing. (Maybe next fall.)
Beautiful autumn foliage at Charleston Falls Preserve in Ohio.
Fiery star fall leaves.
Amazing view from the lookout at Charleston Falls Preserve.

Cute little stepping stones to walk across!
Edison liked the round stepping stones too!

Gazebo to have a pick-nick in!

Mirror Lake.

Charleston Falls is dry :( Still a gorgeous view!

Charleston Falls Preserve is very dog-friendly (with leashes) and even has dog days!

We've found our favorite time of the year to go in the winter. We went on a snow day in the middle of the week. I was hoping to see the Entire Falls Frozen, but we were hardly disappointed to see the falls flowing among icicles! It was gorgeous! The preserve was magical in it's fairy-like snowfall, and the falls were more spectacular than ever! If you're ever planning to see the falls and you're in the area, make sure you go in winter! :)
Mopsy was not thrilled with how deep the snow was.

Snowy pathways at Charleston Falls Preserve.
Charleston Falls flowing through snow and icicles.

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