Monday, April 29, 2013

Berries and Cream

This is a super simple recipe, but amazing. A family member showed it to me and it is so delicious! It makes a fantastic dessert- especially for young children. All you need is berries (my favorite is blueberries) and condensed milk. Pour the condensed milk over the berries and enjoy! Soooooo good!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

9 Things To Do In Cancun Mexico

1. Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is one of the 7 New Wonders Of The World- and deserves it. (The Pyramids Of Giza are the only one of the 7 Wonders of the World to make it on the new list as well!) It is a gorgeous pyramid. Twice a year- on the spring equinox and the autumn equinox the sun shines on the steps in such a way that  the Mayan god, Quetzalcoatl, or the Plumed Serpent can be fully seen. That is the only time you can see all seven parts of the snake's tail formed by the sunlight on the stone. (I went in March and as you can see, six of the seven sections are visible.) It's pretty cool. There's more to Chichen Itza than the pyramid though, there are a lot of other beautiful ruins to explore.

Locals sell things to the tourists, and some of the young children practice soccer on the lawn sometimes. (They really loved practicing their English with me. :)) There is even a cenote nearby.

2. Tulum

Tulum is beautiful. It's different from the other ruins because it is the most well-preserved ruins on the coast. The view of old Myan ruins on cliffs above an azure ocean is stunning and unique.
It really is a lovely place to visit while in Cancun.
View of ocean from Tulum.

3. Ek-Balam

Ek-Balam is a really fun place to explore. I visited back in 2007 and it was fun because the forest hadn't been entirely cleared and it looked like you had just stumbled upon this gem while walking in the jungle. Plus you could actually climb the pyramid!
In the ball court, players would have to get the ball through this hoop without using their hands.

My mother-in-law visited more recently, and my, has it changed! They've really cleared all the jungle out. The ruins look beautiful, but less ruin-y.
You can still climb the pyramid though!

4. Xel Ha 

Xel Ha is a fun park you can go to. You can jump off cliffs into water, snorkel in the ocean, swing on a rope into water, watch iguanas fight, challenge yourself by climbing ropes, or just lazily float down a river.

5. Cenote

A cenote is an underground lake. You hike down into a cave and can swim in the water! It's beautiful with the seculsion and the "sky light" above!

6. Swim with Dolphins 

Love dolphins? Then swim with them! It's a lot of fun to get to pet and play with the friendly aquatic animals. Plus at the end they give you a ride!

7.Horseback Ride in Ocean

Horseback riding is a ton of fun. Taking a horseback ride through the jungle is quite an adventure. Then you get to ride a little on the beach. Finally, the guides take you into the water. Riding a swimming horse is unlike any ride you've had before! It's fantastic! 

8. See Exotic Animals

There are a lot of beautiful, exotic animals there. A lot of them are even kept right inside the hotels!

rocodile enjoying itself.

9. Go to the Beaches!

Of course the beaches. They're a great place to relax and chill. It's a great place to enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
Beautiful ocean sunrise at Cancun.
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