Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Butterfly Spring Home Decorations

My goodness, my spring decorations are late this year! I finally got them up at the end of March (what can I say, I got distracted by the lovely snow!) So my spring decorations are all butterflies, butterflies, butterflies! I love butterflies. I used to just like them, but when my husband and I were in Ecuador we got to see a TON of them and ever since I've been obsessed. :)

This time around the decorating is more simple. I only decorate the bottom floor. Making the butterflies was very easy- all you need is some old white tights, wire, paint, sharpies, and rhinestones. Here's the finished products.


This is what it looks like this year:

My husband and the dog under a blue butterfly decoration.

I also decided to tie my drapes into bows so that they would look like butterflies too!

Last year rather than hanging all the butterflies from the ceiling, I had some of them attached to the walls. I think I like that better and will do that again next year. 

I kept them up until mid-June last year for my graduation party and the guests loved it!
There's other small things I've done this year, like changing how I set up my stuffed animals and growing some bulb flowers indoors. (I'll post about that once they bloom!)

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