Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Delicious Duck Recipe

I guess that the grocery store ordered way too much duck recently, because it's been on sale a lot lately. I must say now that I'm not an expert, but I've found a way to cook it that my husband and I really enjoy- now we're addicted. Barry The Teddy Bear Fluffiefriend helped out with the duck this time around.

Ingredients You'll Need:

1/2 Duck or 1 Duck
Chicken Stock- enough to cover duck (best if home made!)
1 Tablespoon Butter (you probably won't use it all)
Salt (to taste)
Light Sprinkling of Desired Herbs- I like sage, rosemary, and thyme


Take a fork and stab skin of duck evenly across the duck- this will help the fat drain. Place duck in large pot. Add chicken stock until it covers the duck completely.

I always keep some home made stock in the freezer.
Cook on medium-low heat until the duck is about 150 degrees. Save the stock- it has a delicious duck flavor now! (I like using the stock to make risotto to go with the duck!)

Place duck on cooking pan. Rub skin with butter.

Sprinkle salt over duck. Sprinkle some of your favorite spices over the skin.

Stick in the oven on broil or in a toaster oven on toast. Cook until skin is brown and crispy.

Make sure the internal temperature is 165 degrees to be safe to eat. And enjoy! It goes great with risotto and pretty much any green vegetable!

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  1. That does look delicious. Thanks for linkiing up with Food on Friday. See you again soon. Cheers