Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Starting Seeds (And Starting Morning Glories)

Skycloud the Fluffiefriend decided to help Sonya The Kitten Tutubuddy with the garden on the porch this spring. Sonya has been keeping the seeds she didn't use last year in the fridge. Some of the seeds were still good and could be used, but others wouldn't grow. First Skycloud helped with the Morning Glory seeds. Morning Glories have a very tough shell. So you need to take water and bring it to a boil. Let it cool very slightly and pour on the seeds.
Place the hot water and seeds in something that will help keep them warm.
Leave overnight. Now grow the Morning Glories like you would the other seeds. Place paper towels in a bowl.
Gently place seeds on paper towel and cover.

Add a little bit of water so that the paper is moist, but not wet.
As days pass you can see the roots grow. Then leaves will appear. This is not only great because it helps the plants get a good head start, it's wonderful for teaching children about plants and science.

Once the plants are strong plant them in your pots. Birds love seeds and young seedlings, so cover the pot with some clear plastic.
This will keep the birds out and the sun's warmth and the soil's moisture in like a little greenhouse. (Last year the birds wanted my seeds so badly one managed somehow to sneak into our apartment!)

I think Ludwig thought she had a new pet!
Once the plants are large enough to be safe, take off the plastic. Your little balcony garden will grow beautifully. Enjoy!

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