Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7 Things To Do In Colorado Springs

I spent the first 10 years of my life near Colorado Springs, so I'm particularly fond of it. It was a really fun place to grow up. While it's very different now, I still enjoy getting to visit sometimes. Go and visit too!

1. United States Air Force Cadet Chapel

The United States Air Force Cadet Chapel is a truly beautiful church. It is gorgeous with its unique shape- especially against the mountains.

The upper level holds the Catholic chapel. It is stunning with the amazing, rainbow stained glass.

Underneath is the Jewish synagog. The synagog has amazing paintings from stories from the Torah.
 A protestant chapel is also lovely- cool and refreshing.

There is an incredible carving in the front to enjoy as you think or listen to a sermon. A small room hosts the Buddhist temple. It's peaceful, quiet, and great for meditation.

2. Colorado Classic (Balloons)

This is a bit difficult to see, since it's only a couple times a year and is canceled if there's wind, but the Colorado Classic hot air balloons is a ton of fun! There are pancake breakfasts and there's nothing like seeing the balloons fly over their reflections in a lake!

3. Manitou Ancient Cliff Dwellings

The Manitou Ancient Cliff Dwellings is interesting to walk around. If you are looking for some authentic, historical ruins, you will be disappointed. However, it is interesting to look at and walk around in. Kids would enjoy it since you can walk around in it and interact with it in ways you can't with real ruins. It does make for some beautiful photos too!

4. Hiking

The nice thing about living up in Colorado Springs is all the mountains around. You can go hiking over the weekend and get away from it all.

5. Helen Hunt Falls

Helen Hunt Falls is a lovely waterfall to visit and hike around. It's nice because you can see it for free!  

6. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a lovely little zoo. It's one of only two mountain zoos in the country. It has the largest herd of Reticulated Giraffes in the US. You can even feed them!

7. Garden of the Gods

Last, but absolutely not least is the Garden Of The Gods. It is a gorgeous place with impressive red rock formations. You can spend days wandering among them.
Make sure you see the kissing camels- a rock formation named for the way it looks like camels kissing!

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