Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Princess for a Day

Henrietta the hippo Tutubuddy decided to go to Cox Arboretum to see the beautiful blooming flowers!

Cox is a gorgeous, beautiful place. It's enough to make anyone feel like a princess- it certainly made Henrietta feel like one! Henrietta loved the gorgeous cherry blossoms by the ponds.

Though most of the daffodils were done by now, there were still some stubborn ones sticking around to enjoy.
 Henrietta danced by the gazebo under the pretty blossoms.
She walked up and down Apple Alley- a popular place for weddings and photo shoots. It is beautiful and it smells amazing- the perfume thickens the air, along with the snowy white petals.
"I look like a Magnolia Fairy Princess in this tree!"
 "And the bridge! How romantic!"
But Henrietta was most excited to see The Tree Tower- something she's been waiting to see for a while! "Oh my! It looks like Rapunzel's tower! I can't wait to climb it!" 

 The tower was very high to climb, but it was beautiful and the view was gorgeous! Especially of Apple Alley.

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