Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Campfire Roasted Caramel Apple Recipe

So the Campfire Roasted Apples were eaten (happily and deliciously!) and we were sad that there were no more, but were glad that we still had some green apples and caramel! I decided to try something completely new so I invented Campfire Roasted Caramel Apples and let me tell you it's foil-licking good. (We licked the tinfoil afterwards it was so incredible.) Oh dear gosh, I think I've found my new favorite dessert. It is gooey, tart, sweet, and has a hint of spice- amazing! Yum! Marshmallow The New My Personal Pony helped out! So you know it's pony approved!

Ingredients You'll Need:

Green Apple
Liquid Caramel (I just got the caramel dip for apples at the store)
Tin Foil


Cut apple in half. Cut out the core.
Pour liquid caramel into the place where the core used to be.

Sprinkle with cinnamon.

Close back up to make the two halves whole. Cover with tin foil.
Throw into the coals.
Let cook 20-30 minutes, until the apple is softened on the outside. Eat and enjoy! Don't forget to lick the caramel off- yuuuuuuummmm!

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  1. The food is absolutely amazing. I hope I could taste and cook that in actual, maybe if I have much time since I am so busy working. Anyways, thanks for sharing your article. God Bless and have a good day. Visit my site too.



  2. Could you wrap this in crescent dough?

    1. Absolutely! That sounds delicious! Brilliant!