Thursday, June 20, 2013

Camping Pinterests

So I got some cool ideas for camping off of Pinterest. Here are two that I tried out- both were huge successes.I recommend them- next time you're out camping give them a shot too!

Banana S'mores

(Gluten-Free S'mores)

This is great for the banana lover, for campfire banana split, or for the person who can't have gluten but loves s'mores! I got this Ooey Gooey Campfire Banana Recipe from Mixed Method. Since you can get the details from there I'll just show the pictures of how smoothly it went and how delicious it even looks!



Orange Peel Muffins

 I was so excited when I first saw this and was thrilled to try it out! I got the Campfire Blueberry Orange Muffins from Apron Strings. I felt too lazy to make the muffin mix from scratch, so I just picked up muffin mix from the store and brought along some powdered milk. I eyeballed all the ingredients and tested the consistency to know when it was right. I made it twice, it was so good! You can even eat the peel with the muffin! (Or save it for orange zest later!) So here was the first time- I just lopped off the top of the orange. It did make getting the pulp out a little harder, but it was satisfying to have a bigger muffin.

Not quite as easy as a Muffin Button, but more delicious!
So the second time, to get the pulp out easier I cut the orange in half and made two smaller muffins. I just got the pulp out by running my thumb between the peel and the orange. It was very easy and the orange came out very cleanly!

Pony approves!

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