Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Russian Campfire Roast Potato Recipe

I got this recipe from my husband. He told me about it and I've been so curious ever since, especially since he said it made the best potatoes he's ever had. It's so delicious and simplistic you don't even need butter, salt, pepper, or anything else to make it taste good! (I really didn't use anything to flavor it and just ate it the way it was. I've never had such a flavorful potato before.) It's also super easy.

Step One: Take Potato
Step Two: Throw Potato Into Fire
Step Three: Eat Potato

Seriously though- you take the potato and place it in the coals. Cover it with more coals. If it's a large potato check it after 30 minutes- but it's likely to take 40-60 minutes. Small potatoes like the ones I brought you can check at 20 minutes, but it can take 30-40 minutes. You push the coals and ashes off the potatoes and take a bite out. The skin is so crispy, the innards are so fluffy and flavorful. It's the best way to enjoy a potato!
After the first bite I realized I wouldn't need that butter after all!
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