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10 Must Do Things To Do at Niagara Falls

This is a list of the fun things to do at Niagara Falls revolving around seeing and experiencing the falls themselves. (There's a lot of other stuff to do around there too, but every time I'm so enraptured with the falls I don't do anything else.) There's so much to see in this big world that I usually look for new places rather than revisiting ones I've already been, but Niagara Falls is an exception. I've been to it 4 times- 2005 with my parents, 2010 with my little sister, 2012 with my husband, and 2013 with one of my closest friends.

1. Walk and View

Simple as that- walk around and see them! The falls really are magnificent- so just enjoy their beauty and power! Go to Goat Island in New York, make sure you see the falls from the Canada side too! (It's really worth it!)

2. See The Rainbows

On the US side you can see rainbows at the falls in the morning, or if you look down the falls in the afternoon you'll see a rainbow at their base. In the afternoon, you'll see gorgeous rainbows over the falls- sometimes even a double rainbow! 

3. Lit Up at Night

The Niagara Falls Illumination is famous world-wide. The falls look amazing lit up at night. It's lovely to walk around and watch the water change colors! It's delightful and romantic.

4. Maid of the Mist

Maid Of The Mist is a great way to see the base of the falls. You can get on at either the US side or the Canadian side and get similar views. It's a lot of fun- prepared to get wet! The only problem is that the boats can get very crowded sometimes so go when there's less people.

5. Cave of the Winds

Cave Of The Winds is when you take an elevator to the base of the American falls and walk around. Feel the crazy-power of water splashing all over you! See the seagulls up close at their nesting sites too! 

6. Journey Behind the Falls

Journey Behind The Falls is incredible. Not only do you get to go to the base of the Horseshoe Falls, you also go behind them! It is amazing. Watch the water rush past an opening in the tunnel- it's crazy-cool!


7. Rainbow Bridge

A walk across Rainbow Bridge is a must. It has a great view of the falls. Not only that, but it's so much easier than driving across the bridge! If you drive it will take a very long time with traffic and customs. When you walk there's no traffic and customs is much easier. Plus there's nothing like that view! You may notice I didn't include The Crows Nest Observation Deck. That's because the Rainbow Bridge has the same view and is cheaper- it's just 50 cents per person (they only charge on the Canadian side.) 

8. Skylon Tower

The Skylon Tower is amazing. You can go up just to view the falls or have enjoy a meal too! What a great way to see the falls! The first time I went with my parents we went to the revolving restaurant while the falls were lit up. I don't remember the food well, but I remember enjoying getting to see the falls and the city at night so high up. Last time, my friend and I ate at the buffet before 5. (After 5 the price goes up.) The buffet was amazingly delicious (make sure you try the almond/amaretto cream pie!!!) and if you go before 5 you pay the same amount for the meal as you would anywhere else at Niagara Falls. (A lot of restaurants at Niagara Falls are more pricy.) Plus when you get a meal you get a free ride up to the top of the tower!

9. SkyWheel

The SkyWheel is a giant Ferris wheel with a great view of the falls! I've gone at night and during the day and I would recommend going during the day. Since the windows are glass there is a lot of glare from the lights of the golf course below and the wheel itself, so it's harder to see the falls. I would recommend going in the morning- it's a beautiful, peaceful way to start your day. 

10. Fireworks

The Niagara Falls Fireworks are wonderful! It took me four trips, but I got to see the fireworks finally! It's amazing! Make sure you go to Niagara Falls when there are fireworks- it's amazing to watch. make sure you go early and stake out your spot, because it gets crowded. (We went 1 1/2 hour early and got one of the best seats in the house.) A local told us we had picked one of the best spots- the observation deck by Centre Street. Note- on their website it says that the fireworks will go off, weather permitting, however, when I talked to a local, she said that she couldn't remember a time the fireworks had ever been canceled and they only cancel when there's a really terrible storm.

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