Friday, July 5, 2013

5 Preparing For Camping Trip Tips

So I've been doing a lot of posts about camping lately. So I thought I'd include some of my little tricks when preparing to camp. There are already a ton of helpful lists online to help make sure you pack everything you need. This one is more just little oddities that I've come up with that I find very helpful- maybe you will too.

1. Mini Flouride

You can find a mini fluoride mouthwash in your grocery store. Why do you want it? Like I've mentioned before- Fluoride Mouthwash Heals Burns. This is great for any accidents with the fire, or even bad sunburns! I was glad I brought it when I had to use it the first night!

2. Save the Berries!

I really wanted to bring berries along for the trip. I'm glad I did when I got to make those Strawberry S'Mores! But how can you bring berries along without them going bad? Soak them in Vinegar Water! That way you can enjoy delicious, fresh berries for the first 4-5 days of your trip!

3. Powdered Milk
I love using powdered milk- not to make milk, but for baking, coffee, and hot chocolate purposes. I make sure I bring a little baggie of powdered milk along. It was a good thing too- I put it in the Blueberry Orange Muffins, made my coffee to my taste, and my hot cocoa creamier!  

4. Sauces and Spices
Fast food and Chinese take out gave you too many sauce and spice packets? Great! Save them for camping! It's great to season your food with soy sauce, mustard, duck sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, special sauces, jelly, ranch, bbq, salt, pepper, sugar, perhaps even creamer! We keep a large bag in our closet specifically for camping!

5. And Contain Tem

But you don't want all your spices and sauces getting lost in all the larger items, so pack them in a mesh orange bag! Put the oranges in the cooler and put the sauces and spices where the oranges were! Tie it up with a twisty you get from the grocery store and you're good to go! (I put the powdered milk in there too.)

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