Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Personal Ponies and Turtles

Normally I'd just post this in my +Google Page, Facebook Page, and Pinterest, but I'm pretty excited about both of these, so here we go!

Violet's Silver Lining has two new fun stuffed animal options- My Personal Ponies and Adorable Turtles!

My Personal Ponies contains the My Personal Ponies, My Personal Unicorns, and My Personal Pegasus. All of these stuffed animals are specially designed for you! I got the idea from a friend who kidnapped a bunch of my stuffed animal horses to sell at a horse show in Colorado. She mentioned how much people would love to have a stuffed animal pony that looked just like their horse! What a cool idea! :) So here we go! The My Personal Pony you can make completely realistic- from the coloring, to the socks, to the face markings, whatever you want! When you order just give me all the specifications. A picture would be especially great to make sure it is exactly the way you want it!
I've included My Personal Unicorns and My Personal Pegasus as well since I designed and created a unicorn for Christmas that perfectly fits my friend's personality. She told me what kind of a My Little Pony she would be if she could be one, so I made it for her. You can make the pegasus, unicorn, or pony of your dreams too!

The Turtles have been, by far, the hottest selling stuffed animal at the market.
I keep making them and people keep buying them! I am having great difficulty keeping up with the demand! So I've put them online, so the people who are interested, but found the turtles gone by the time they came back. I have never had one last at my stand longer than 3 hours.
They are utterly adorable. They're naturally extremely huggable. Their little arms just seem to hug. It's so cute I've kept one for myself. (I generally try not to, it's hard, but usually I can resist. :))
Check them out on Etsy!
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