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7 Things To Do In Toronto, Canada

I've been to Toronto, Canada twice now and it is one fun city to visit. I really enjoyed it both times. The people I went with the first time are really into night life, and they seemed to find a lot of it there However I'm not much of a night-life person and went to the hot tub instead, so I'm afraid this list won't include any of that. But it will include a ton of fun stuff to do by day.

1. Camping

Before we left this time I spent a lot of time trying to find good camping grounds near Toronto. I felt like I was taking a bit of a risk since the reviews and people answering questions didn't give many details, so I'll help out here. We stayed at two places- Cedar Beach and Bronte Creek. Right now let me say- I love, love, loved Bronte Creek- it's closer to Toronto and Niagara and it's gorgeous. It's one of the prettiest camp grounds I've ever seen. There are a ton of different sites to pick from- from forested sites to ravine, to prairie, to savannah. The sites felt very secluded and were pretty. There were a lot of hiking trails around to explore and when it was drizzly there were a ton of snails!

Cedar Beach is not the kind of camping I like. It's what I call "lawn camping" where you feel like you just put your tent on a giant lawn. It was just flat and grassy. We were lucky that no one else was camping while we were there or it would have gotten very crowded. Though since no one else was there they mowed the grass... every day... most of the day... the whole thing. Plus since it's in the middle of town, some teenagers hopped the fence and were loud on the playground one night. Cedar Beach does have a little beach on a lake you can go to and is right next to an ice cream place. It's not my cup of tea for camping since I love being out in nature, but I know some people would prefer a more quiet type of camping, which is fine. If you're more interested in toasting s'mores, having ice cream and a kids' playground near by than "roughing it" then Cedar Beach is the better choice for you.

2. Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a gorgeous castle in Toronto. You can wander around the inside of the castle, or walk the beautiful gardens. Honestly nothing I say will do it as much justice as the pictures, so here you go.

3. Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo is HUGE! We had no hope of seeing the whole thing. There are a ton of animals to see! I really enjoyed the Wild Walk- where you walk among kangaroos and emus! Make sure you hit that part!

4. The CN Tower

The CN Tower is incredible. At 553.33 m (1,815.4 ft,) it was the world's tallest tower and the world's tallest free-standing structure from 1976 until 2010. It's beautiful to see just from the ground, but you must go up it. The view from the CN Tower is gorgeous. You can see it from the comfort of inside, behind glass, or go and feel the wind as you walk along the outside. Something that is really cool is the glass floor. You can see way, way, way down to the bottom of the tower beneath your feet!

5. Downtown

Downtown Toronto is a lot of fun. You can try one of the delicious restaurants, see Yonge-Dundas Square (it's like a mini Times Square!), walk on old train tracks, or look out over Lake Ontario. It's hard to get bored in such an interesting city!

6. Random Orthodox Church

I have scoured the web for the name of this church and I can't for the life of me find it. It is east outside of Toronto, off of 401. (If anyone reading this knows the name, please notify me in the comments.) My friend and I saw it from the road on the way to Cedar Beach and we knew we wanted to see it. The church is huge and gorgeous. It seems like it's being renovated right now, so sadly you can't go inside, but the outside is beautiful enough to satisfy.

7. Toronto Island

Toronto Island is beautiful. You have to take a ferry across Lake Ontario to get there (or an airplane.) It's a lot of fun riding the ferry! There's a lot to see on Toronto Island. There are beaches, including a beach with a swing set in the sand so you can swing on the beach while looking out over the lake.
 Walk out on the pier for a beautiful view of the blue lake.

Walk along the paths to see the gardens.
 There is a lovely boardwalk you can walk or bike on on the southern side of the island.

There's things for the kids too!- There's a mini amusement park and a cool petting zoo.

The view of Toronto from the island is amazing and a must-see.
It's easy to spend all day on Toronto Island.

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