Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Things To Do In Dayton Ohio- Carriage Hill Metropark

My husband and I only discovered Carriage Hill Metropark last year and it’s quickly become one of our favorites! Carriage Hill is a real, working, old-fashioned farm. Every time we go we enjoy ourselves. There’s so much to see and do!

1. See the Animals

There are a lot of animals to see at Carriage Hill! Horses, sheep, goats, cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, geese, cats, all the farmyard classics.

2. The Lake

Carriage Hill has a beautiful little lake. It is perfect for Pick Nicks! Enjoy your food at sunset! Watch the geese fly, listen to the swallows as they scoop up bugs at the end of the day. You can fish at the lake and windmills help keep the lake aerated so the fish can breathe. There’s a cool boardwalk so that you can even walk above the lake. It is truly lovely.

3. Enjoy the Paths

There are so many paths at Carriage hill. You can walk in  the woods, in a prairie, past cornfields, through a machine junkyard, over rivers- there’s so much to explore and enjoy on a lovely day!

4. Ride Horses

Carriage Hill offers riding lessons and trail rides for you to enjoy! Take in the views of Carriage Hill Metropark from the back of a horse!

5. Explore the Buildings

There are a bunch of old buildings to see and learn from- barns, houses, smithies, all sorts. They are really beautiful to look at and educational too!

6. See the Museum and Gift Shop

Go to the museum to learn more about the park and how farms ran before. See the different lives a city woman and a country woman would have in the 1800’s. Visit the gift shop for some candy, old-fashioned cookie cutters, and much more!

7. Enjoy Activities

Carriage Hill has a lot of really cool activities to enjoy! (See their Schedule Of Events.)

You can see how farms were run and maintained long ago. We’ve been lucky enough to hit the sheep sheering event. You could see sheep being sheered right in front of you.

In the house you learned how to make beads from the wool and dyed them. Watch women make yarn and knit and weave it into lovely things! (One of them had even seen the pattern for my Fish Hat on Ravelry!) Recently we got to see the field plowing competition- how cool!

Seeing fields plowed with horses and mules was something new and fun to watch. There was also a carriage ride too! We look forward to seeing more events.
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Monday, September 16, 2013

3 Oktoberfests: Which Oktoberfest Should I Go To in Ohio?

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list. I will be comparing 3 major Oktoberfests in this area- the Zincinnati Oktoberfest (in Cincinnati,) the Dayton Oktoberfest, and the Columbus Oktoberfest. 

Dayton Oktoberfest

I love, love, love the Dayton Oktoberfest. It takes place by the Dayton Art Museum. There is an entrance fee, but if I remember correctly, it was pretty small, plus you don't have to pay for parking. It is lovely. My favorite time to go is during the day because it's peaceful and quiet and a great way to enjoy yourself in a biergarten. There are vendors that set up by the art museum and it's really lovely work! My husband got me a gorgeous copper-colored leaf vein necklace last time we were there. You can also explore the art museum itself. A ton of amazing food is there to try! There's the German food, natuerlich, but also other delicious dishes- cheesecake on a stick, Asian dishes, Greek dishes, all sorts! I hear that if you go in the evening it's the party that most people look for when they think of this holiday with rowdy drinking and comradery, but I think I'll stick to the beautiful, peaceful day. Because I can sit in the grass and quietly enjoy a Schmidt's cream puff, this is one of my favorites. We definitely plan on hitting it up in the morning this year. 

Columbus Oktoberfest

The Columbus Oktoberfest is a lot of fun. We got the coolest candle there last year. (See Leo's Oktoberfest Adventure.) There's a pretty wagon set up for photo opportunities too. It's a lot of fun for people in the area and we enjoyed ourselves. However, we don't plan on going this year. The hour-long drive is a bit much for what was there. We love sitting out and under the sky, while most of the tables for the Columbus Oktoberfest are under roofs. You also can't purchase anything with money- you must buy tickets and purchase food with the tickets- which is a bit of a pain. (Though Columbus has German Village- a must-see amazing place with beautiful brick roads and amazing German restaurants!)

Zincinnati Oktoberfest

We loved the Zincinnati Oktoberfest when we went two years ago. They shut down down-town Cincinnati to hold it! It is the largest Oktoberfest in the country! See shops, rides, ferris wheels set up in the down-town of a large city. There are polka bands everywhere and I mean everywhere! Eat your pretzels and sausages under The Genius of Water or in one of the very lovely parks. I'll never forget how my husband whirled me around in the flowers to a polka song. :) Plus, if you go on Saturday you can see a very unique sight- the world's largest chicken dance. It's sure to be delicious and delightful! If you live near, or far, you absolutely must come to Cincinnati and see the Zincinnati Oktoberfest!

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